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  • Traffic Law pageDrink Driving (PCA and DUI offences)
  • Common Driving Offences including
    • Unlicensed Driving
    • Unregistered/Uninsured Vehicles
    • Speeding
    • General Traffic Offences
  • Interlock Driving Program
  • Heavy Vehicle Offences including
  • Serious Driving Offences including
    • Dangerous / Reckless Driving
    • Skye's Law
    • Dangerous / Negligent Driving causing death / GBH
    • Reckless Driving
    • Street Racing/Burnout
    • Driving whilst Disqualified, Cancelled or Suspended
  • Licence Suspension/Disqualification Appeals: - Roads and Maritime Services (Formally RTA)
    • Demerit Point Loss
    • Speeding
    • P1 and P2 Licence Holders
    • Licence Disqualification Removals
  • Maritime Offences

Driving is quite often an essential part of everyday life and more often a necessity for work. A loss of licence can invariably result in a loss of employment which impacts financially upon you and your family.

The increasingly widespread use of motor vehicles as a mode of transport has resulted in heavier regulation by legislation. It is very easy to get lost in all the law, which is why we are here to clarify any confusion you may be facing regarding driving offences.
During his twelve (12) years as a Police Officer, Bobby spent considerable time as a Highway Patrol Officer qualified to drive high speed Police Cars and Police Bikes, both road and trail. He was also qualified as a speed radar operator and heavy vehicle expert.

Bobby is also a lecturer at the Traffic Offenders intervention Program which is a course readily used by the Courts within New South Wales to educate drivers. During his time as a Police Officer he also lectured many different groups within the community as to Road Safety and Traffic Laws.

Bobby has an extensive knowledge of Traffic Law both from a legal perspective and from having “been there and done that” as a Police Officer. Who better to have on your side?

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"Our young son was facing serious charges and the very real chance of going to jail. Your knowledge and skill as a court room lawyer avoided that and we are forever grateful to you for allowing us to have him back home. Myself and my family cannot thank you enough."

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"Bobby was recommended to us through the transport industry. His knowledge on the traffic laws and in particular heavy haulage is without doubt second to none. His name is very much respected in the transport industry not only in NSW but also up here in Queensland. Once again you’ve saved us thousands of dollars in fines by being able to put our case forward properly. Thank you again and we will keep on recommending you."
Heavy Haulage Company

"Thank Mr Locker for his efficient and thorough representation for Alex. It truly was a favourable result and has definitely enabled Alex to retain his employment.
Thank you as well for your emails and information we needed to help the cause!

Sincere thanks"

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Thank you Bobby. I wish I knew you 20 years ago as I possibly wouldn’t have a criminal record. Thanks again mate
Kind Regards"



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Tom cried when I read the email to him over the phone confirming again the Court result.

He said he expected to go to gaol and has made himself sicker with worry.
I certainly do recommend you to others now... and will continue..
Once again... thank you very much.."

Regards.. Di